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Stephen Appleby-Barr: The Pale Path


Stephen Appleby-Barr: The Pale Path


28 × 23 cm | 9 × 11 in
100 ills | 128 pages

Contributor: Mark Kingwell

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Born in Canada, Stephen Appleby-Barr is a young artist who employs a classical style in a contemporary world, creating oil paintings and etchings that call to mind Renaissance art with a postmodern twist. Inspired by the dramatic work of Old Masters such as Rembrandt, Goya and Velázquez, Appleby-Barr infuses these elements with arcane references, sci-fi allusions and comic touches.

Stephen Appleby-Barr: The Pale Path explores Appleby-Barr’s artistic practice, juxtaposing it with images by artists such as Bosch, Delacroix, Freud and Goya as reference points. An accompanying essay by writer and philosopher Mark Kingwell winds mesmerisingly throughout the book, surrounded by Appleby-Barr’s figurative painting, surreal pastiche and anthropomorphic figures.

Appleby-Barr is a member of Team Macho, an artist collective previously featured in the 2007 publication Fancy Action Now: The Art of Team Macho. His work has featured in exhibitions at the Harbourfront Centre, Toronto; Gallery Hanahou, New York; Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto; Magic Pony, Toronto; and Nicholas Metivier Gallery, Toronto.