Susan Hiller: The Dream and the Word

Duncan McCorquodale (Author)
Paperback, 25 × 17.5 cm | 7 × 10 in , 80 pages
ISBN 978-1-907317-61-3

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Susan Hiller is an innovative and influential artist who has been working in Britain since the 1970s. She juxtaposes knowledge derived from anthropology, psychoanalysis and other scientific disciplines with materials generally considered unimportant, such as postcards, wallpaper, popular films and stories of UFO sightings, balancing the familiar and the unexplained and inviting the viewer to participate in the creation of meaning. The Dream and the Word stems from the results of Susan Hiller’s investigation into the sources of images and ideas and relates to The Dream Seminar II, a project that took place at Fondazione Antonio Ratti, in Como, Italy, in the summer of 2011. Conceived as a collaborative work, or the proposal for a collective work, and based on sketches, texts, diagrams and notebook pages focusing on individual dreams and the relationship between dreams, narratives and images, The Dream and the Word references a diverse body of source material including entries on Dream Diaries, Dream Yoga, Hypnagogia, Dream Anthropology, Dream Books, Astral Projection, Dreams and Myths, Dream Telepathy, and Lucid Dreams. The work of major thinkers in the fields of anthropology and psychoanalysis are also featured, including that of Louis Alfred Maury, Sigmund Freud, Carl Gustav Jung, Jacques Lacan, Fritz Perls, and Montague Ullman and Stanley Krippner. Taking her investigations further The Dream and the Word provides a unique and timely insight into Hiller’s work and working method, extending back to Dream Mapping, 1973, and forward to her most current work.