Krzysztof Wodiczko: Transformative Avant-Garde and Other Writings


Krzysztof Wodiczko (Author)
Rosalyn Deutsche (Contributor)
Hardback, 25 × 17 cm | 10 × 6.5 in, 368 pages
ISBN 978-1-912165-28-5

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The fourth publication of Krzysztof Wodiczko with Black Dog Press, exploring the artist and writer’s distinctive oeuvre. Transformative Avant- Garde and Other Writings is a comprehensive collection of Wodiczko’s writing from the 1970s to the present day, providing a new perspective on this often controversial artist. An in-depth book that represents the many political, social and theoretical motivations and concerns of Wodiczko’s work, this is a must for art and culture theorists and fans alike.

This overarching publication highlights the equal merits of Wodiczko’s writings in respect of his artistic practice, demonstrating the overlapping influences and considerations that run throughout his life.

Wodiczko is famed for his large-scale, politically-charged video and slide projections, projected onto prominent architectural structures. Since the 1980s his work has been engaging marginalised residents of cities to make their voice and experience public. He is Professor in Residence at Harvard University, and was awarded the Hiroshima Prize in 1998 for his contribution as an artist to world peace.

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