Jason Brooks: Perpetual Orgy

Michael Bracewell (Author)
Hardback, 32.5 × 26.5cm | 10.5 × 13 in, 169 pages
ISBN 978-1-910433-55-3

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Perhaps best known for hyper realistic portraits of subjects from Kate Moss to the heavily tattooed Mr. X and Zoe which take the process of portraiture beyond the photographic medium, Jason Brooks rose to prominence in the early 1990s with a generation of British artists who enjoyed wide international acclaim. In these and his recent work exploring old masterpieces and anonymous found paintings, Brooks demonstrates his interest in affirming the faith that painters retain in the medium of painting. Ranging from his iconic portraits of the 1990s, through to restless experiments with sculpture, found materials and the essence of painting as a medium, Jason Brooks: Perpetual Orgy is the first overview of the career of a singular and versatile artist. Heavily illustrated with colour images from Brooks rich and varied oeuvre, Perpetual Orgy offers a poetic and insightful reading of his practice from novelist, curator and critic, Michael Bracewell. Specially commissioned for this title, Bracewell has written a series of essays in response to an extended conversation with the artist and an engagement with his work spanning many years.