Made by Hand: Contemporary Makers, Traditional Practices


Made by Hand: Contemporary Makers, Traditional Practices


24 × 18 cm | 7 × 9 in
150 ills | 192 pages

Editors: Leanne Hayman, Nick Warner

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A visual survey of some of the world’s finest craftspeople, the spaces they work in and the products they create, Made by Hand: Contemporary Makers, Traditional Practices is a remedy for mass production and a celebration of the return to artisanal craft.

Featuring profiles on artisans as disparate as neon sign makers, bladesmiths, violin makers and stationers, the book focuses on the choice to produce handmade goods with traditional processes in an era where synthetic, mass-manufactured wares are cheaper and easier to fabricate.

The publication refers to the use of time-honoured materials, the propagation of local trade, the increased intimacy of the relationship between maker and client, and the greater durability and higher quality of handmade objects. It offers a timely appraisal of the environmental, economical and aesthetic rigour of artisanal practices in a variety of international hotspots, such as the United Kingdom, the United States and Scandinavia.

The books profiles practitioners including bag-makers Trakke, Glasgow; spectacle-makers Urban Spectacles, Chicago; bladesmiths Orchard Steel, Brooklyn; shoemaker Viktoria Nilsson, Sweden; papermakers Awagami, Tokushima, Japan; and watchmaker Quentin Carnaille, Lille. Richly illustrated with photographs of the methods and tools used as well as the finished items, Made by Hand invites the reader to enjoy the process as much as the product.