Reflections & Refractions


Reflections & Refractions


28 × 23 cm | 9 × 11 in
62 ills | 96 pages

Contributors: Alexis Dirks, Annie MacDonell, Sheree Hovsepian, Sanaz Mazinani, Aura Satz, Brea Souders

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Reflections & Refractions brings together a diverse group of artists who share in making visible that which is typically unseen—a history, a process, a narrative and so on.

Reflections & Refractions is published in association with Gallery 44 Centre for Contemporary Photography, a non-profit, artist-run centre in Toronto committed to photography as a multi-faceted and ever-changing art form.

The central theme is essentially that of interiors—of taking us into the apparatus, the studio, the archive, into methods of production and alternative histories.

The book is organised into three sections covering production, process and archive, each bringing together two artists in conversation. Writers from both within and outside the art community also contribute essays in response to specific artworks, taking a variety of forms from the essayist to the personal or the poetic.