Light Works: Lucy + Jorge Orta


Light Works: Lucy + Jorge Orta


28 × 23 cm | 9 × 11 in
227 ills | 240 pages

Authors: James Putnam, Gabriela Salgado

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Light Works: Lucy + Jorge Orta is a breathtaking monograph on these two groundbreaking artists. Jorge Orta was one of the first artists to experiment with new media in the early 1980s, creating controversial public video installations at the height of the military dictatorship in Argentina.

Experimenting with extraordinary technologies for large-scale image projection, Orta projects ephemeral images with powerful light cannons, illuminating world heritage sites and landscapes of cultural and ecological importance across the globe. The most challenging examples of these include projections on Machu Picchu; inside the crater of Japan's Aso volcano, the largest active volcano in the world; the troglodyte vestiges of Cappadocia in Turkey; and religious buildings such as the cathedrals of Chartres and Évry in France.

Essays by Gabriela Salgado and James Putnam cast further light on Lucy + Jorge Orta’s fascinating work, detailing the history and context of their practice as well as deliberating on the visual and emotional impacts of the locations and the human challenge and sheer complexity behind mounting the artworks on location. These texts look in depth at the visual, technical and logistical facts of the making of these remarkable expeditions and the consequent works of art they have engendered.