Zie Tzaro: Making You Smile


Zie Tzaro: Making You Smile


21 × 15 cm | 6 × 9 in
37 ills | 96 pages

Editor: Zie Tzaro

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Zie Tzaro is a painter, illustrator and photographer. After spending many years travelling across Europe, he settled in France over 20 years ago. His unique style of illustration draws on everyday signs, graphics and his body as a starting point. 

Zie Tzaro's approach can be seen in the series Codes Bizarre, which utilises barcodes as a recurrent theme for constructing and disrupting narratives; 1001 Lines, which imagines a love story between two lines; and his more recent volumes of illustrations that incorporate hand and footprints.

Following titles such as The Secret of the Elephant (Le Secret de l'éléphant), this publication will appeal to fans of artists and illustrators such as David Shrigley and Saul Steinberg, and the quietly surreal line drawings found in The New Yorker. Though not widely known outside of a cult audience, this portable volume of Zie Tzaro's off-beat and witty drawings would make an excellent gift for both the uninitiated and longtime fans alike.