Introducing Suzy Lake

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Introducing Suzy Lake


28 × 23 cm | 9 × 11 in
220 ills | 288 pages

Editor: Georgiana Uhlyarik
Contributors: Sophie Hackett, Anouchka Freybe, Lorraine O'Grady, Lesley Johnstone, Allyson Mitchell, William Ewing, Sara Angel


Introducing Suzy Lake is the first publication to comprehensively address Detroit-born artist Suzy Lake’s extraordinary artistic production from the late 1960s to today.

An intelligent and influential artist working in performance, photography and video, Suzy Lake is a prescient image-maker who interrogates ideas of beauty, ageing and the self.

This multi-author publication considers how Lake’s ideas and practice developed over time from her hometown of Detroit to Montreal to Toronto, informed by the cultural character of each city.

Featuring celebrated works as well as newly commissioned series, Introducing Suzy Lake reveals the richness and originality of her accomplishments as one of North America’s most influential artists working today.

In partnership with the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO).

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