In the spring of 2017 Martin Roth published a selection of his works


In the spring of 2017 Martin Roth published a selection of his works


27 × 20 cm | 8 × 11 in
100 ills | 144 pages

Contributors: Daniel Bozhkov, Arnaud Gerspacher, Kate Sutton, Kate Whitebread

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Lush green grass springing through an ancient carpet in a ruined castle, bullfrogs croaking in a darkened gallery basement and ducklings nestled in an artist’s studio are some of the images presented in the first book-length survey of Martin Roth’s work.

Roth is an Austrian artist living in New York. He is known for his subversive and referential work with animals and plants, his practice moving across painting, sculpture, installation, video and interventions. Exploring the boundaries between nature and art, Roth combines the two in a unique way, questioning the gap between humans and the natural world. In recent projects, he has created a soundscape for a bonsai tree using the amplified sounds of various animals, populated a gallery with parakeets and debris smuggled over the Syrian–Turkish border in a suitcase, and rescued laboratory mice in order to let them play Swan Lake via a running wheel.

Taken as a whole, his work examines how the introduction of an organic element can redefine a surface, an object or its relation to the surrounding space. His work can be large-scale and site-specific, but the fact that it requires the nurture of living organisms makes it strangely intimate, inviting the viewer to directly engage with Roth’s work and consider their own relationship to it on a human scale.