Tea & Cake London


Tea & Cake London


16.5 × 14.5 cm | 5.5 × 6.5 in
170 ills | 192 pages

Author: Zena Alkayat

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Tea & Cake London is a comprehensive guide to the best places to enjoy tea and cake across the capital. Knowledgeable and often surprising, this lovely book roots out more than 70 cafes, bakeries and tearooms worth discovering, each venue illustrated with stunning photography.

Celebrating the history and ritual of taking tea, while embracing the independent cafe scene currently thriving in London, this book brings together a diverse collection of venues, all beautifully illustrated with evocative photography. Whether you're looking for a traditional afternoon tea, a casual cafe in which to gossip over a brew, a bakery offering select buttery treats, innocent vegan delights or an oddball tearoom with a twist, Tea & Cake London has the answer.

The book has six chapters, each focusing on a different face of London's tea and cake scene, from formal afternoon teas, patisseries and bakeries right down to market stalls selling cake. Each entry highlights a special destination, tempting you to indulge in a much-loved and very British pastime.

The book is charmingly illustrated with full-colour photographs of mouth-watering, lovingly created treats and the interiors of the eateries. Zena Alkayat is a freelance journalist who lives and works in London. She writes about all aspects of food, culture and the arts for a range of national newspapers and magazines, including Metro and Time OutTea & Cake London is a must-have for foodies, and the perfect gift for any visitor looking for the real British tea experience.