Mapping England

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Mapping England


29 × 24 cm | 9.5 × 11.5 in
212 ills | 272 pages

Author: Simon Foxell
Editor: Blanche Craig


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Through a series of compelling maps, both historic and contemporary, Mapping England shows how England has scrutinised itself, how it has been seen by others and how it has recorded its ever-changing circumstances.

From medieval times to the present, England has been continuously mapped—politically, administratively and functionally as well as creatively and imaginatively. Maps have helped to define ideas of what England is and could be. They have developed and maintained its identity amongst other nations and explored the essence of its character and limits.

England has been the crucible for many of the most significant developments in cartography. The maps included depict a country that is at times confident, but can also be unsure of itself. Often drawn for purely practical purposes, they unconsciously reveal the true state of the nation and the hopes and fears of its inhabitants. Mapping England tells the story of how its position in the world has evolved and, in so doing, entails new ways of seeing and expressing such findings in graphic form.