Mapping America: Exploring the Continent

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Mapping America: Exploring the Continent


29 × 24 cm | 9.5 × 11.5 in
212 ills | 272 pages

Authors: Fritz Kessler, Frank Jacobs

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Mapping America: Exploring the Continent is a beautifully illustrated survey of America's cartographic landscape, featuring an array of maps that document its development, from early engravings to the latest satellite technology.

Following on from Mapping New York, Mapping England and Mapping London, Mapping America is similarly arranged by theme, helping the reader on their journey through a vivid collection of historical, demographic, cultural and artistic maps. Featuring four centuries of maps that depict the changing landscape of North America, Mapping America charts the continent through numerous landmark events and uprisings, including the Civil War, the Civil Rights Movement, and more recent concerns such as the environment and terrorism.

The book ranges from early maps that illustrate the country's colonial beginnings and census maps of diminishing native communities; through to contemporary maps of America today, such as those that show the electoral routes of presidential campaigns. Showcasing artistic, imaginative and fantastic depictions of modern America, Mapping America presents the reader with a multifaceted view of the physical and cultural North American landscape.