Staging Disorder


Staging Disorder


28 × 23 cm | 9 × 11 in
63 ills | 144 pages

Editors: Christopher Stewart, Esther Teichmann
Contributors: David Campany, Howard Caygill, Jennifer Good, Adam Jasper, An-My Lê, Alexandra Stara

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Staging Disorder brings together work that considers the contemporary representation of the real in relation to photography, architecture and modern conflict.

The concept of ‘staging disorder’ looks not to how photographers have staged disordered reality themselves, but rather to how these artists have recognised and responded to a phenomenon of staging that already exists in the world.

Military simulations of rooms, houses, planes, streets and whole fake towns in different parts of the globe provoke a series of questions concerning the nature of truth as it manifests itself in current photographic practice, drawing from Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin’s Chicago, 2007; Claudio Hils’ Red Land Blue Land, 2000; Richard Mosse’s Airside, 2007; Sarah Pickering’s Public Order, 2002–2005; Christopher Stewarts’ Kill House, 2005 and work by An-My Lê and Geissler/Sann.

In highlighting the resonance that these five projects have with one another, the publication develops a thesis on contemporary photography at a point when we are currently witnessing a shift away from critical discourse that has been preoccupied by theoretical concerns related to artifice and illusion.

Staging Disorder sat alongside an exhibition and symposium curated by Dr Christopher Stewart (Associate Professor in Photography, Faculty of Design, Architecture and Built Environment, University of Technology Sydney) and Dr Esther Teichmann (Senior Lecturer in Photography, LCC, UAL). The exhibition took place in the galleries of the London College of Communication, running from January to March 2015.