Insect Theatre


Insect Theatre


24 × 18 cm | 7 × 9.5 in
46 ills | 64 pages

Author: Tim Edgar
Contributor: Hugh Raffles

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Insect Theatre provides an eye­-opening commentary on the spectacle of the everyday and the insects that we live with. Through macro photography Tim Edgar gives a unique insight into domestic insects, supported by an essay from anthropologist and insect expert Hugh Raffles.

For three years, photographer Tim Edgar closely observed and documented the epic struggles of the insects that colonised his outside toilet. Insect Theatre reveals a world at once familiar and strange, a world of life-and-death drama laid bare. Stunningly detailed and atmospheric, Edgar’s images provide a meditation on conflict, survival and transformation.

Anthropologist Hugh Raffles contributes four short essays provoked by Edgar’s work. Pairing natural science with a philosophical fascination for animal lives, these reflections anchor Edgar’s uniquely personal and absorbing photographs and suggests ways of navigating their darkly beautiful vision.

A provocative and inspiring book for anyone interested in nature, science or photography, Insect Theatre offers a singular perspective on the natural world and the insects that surround us.