The Abolition of War


The Abolition of War


21 × 15 cm | 6 × 8.5 in
80 ills | 144 pages

Author: Krzysztof Wodiczko

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Internationally renowned artist, Krzysztof Wodiczko presents here an ambitious cultural project for the abolition of war.

Wodiczko is well-known for his large-scale slide and video projections on architectural facades and monuments. He posits here a radical project involving the design and construction of a grand architectural and institutional supplement that would transform the Arc de Triomphe, Paris, into The World Institute for the Abolition of War.

His project is a proposal for an international transdisciplinary place functioning as both a symbolic structure for inspiring philosophical, psycho-analytical and political engagement, and as an activist centre to encourage analytical, proactive and transformative approaches to the war-abolitionist process.

Seen by Wodiczko as one integrated Un-War Memorial, The World Institute for the Abolition of War is a structure surrounding the Arc de Triomphe. To abolish war, critical investigations must be made into its roots and artefacts.

The Abolition of War is an intriguing insight into the working practice of this fascinating artist, and the political and social concepts infused throughout his work. With an extended essay by Wodiczko as the starting point for discussions on war and war-related history and memory, the book is further supported by texts from theorists and critics in the field. Their contributions constitute a forum published alongside Wodiczko’s text, ensuring an engaging debate. The book is fully illustrated with diagrams and images from the project.