Seeing is Believing: The Politics of the Visual

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Seeing is Believing: The Politics of the Visual


26 × 22 cm | 8.5 × 10 in
150 ills | 192 pages

Author: Rod Stoneman

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Seeing is Believing: The Politics of the Visual is a personal and analytical investigation into the politics of visual communication. The book explores the complex and reciprocal dynamic between world and image in visually mediated society.

Several thousand times a day we assimilate visual imagery at speed, a process accelerated in the digital world. Everyone ‘knows’ images can be false or deceptive, but we all live and work in constant denial of this idea and its implications. In a world saturated with media we act as though we are immune to their effects.

Structured in six parts—"History/Politics"; "Art/Culture"; "Film/Television"; "Products/Possessions"; "The Quotidian/The Strange"; "Verisimilitude/Delusion"—the book analyses clusters of images to explore differentiated themes of pictorial operation including photography, graffiti, painting, film and television.

Seeing is Believing is an invitation to an intimate voyage that permeates the world’s upheavals, exploring the potential for contemporary forms of artistic practice to create new spaces for active participation in culture and society.