Make Build Create: Sculpture Projects for Children


Make Build Create: Sculpture Projects for Children


26 × 20 cm | 8 × 10 in
120 ills | 144 pages

Author: Paula Briggs

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A companion to the bestselling Drawing Projects for ChildrenMake Build Create: Sculpture Projects for Children is a beautifully illustrated and easy-to-follow collection of hands-on sculptural activities and projects for children. 

Children of all ages are encouraged to explore how they might transform a wide variety of natural and man-made materials through a series of open-ended projects. Inspiration is taken from architecture, landscapes, figures and objects in the everyday environments around us. These carefully selected activities enable children to learn sculptural techniques such as casting, carving and construction while also creating personal works of art.

The author, Paula Briggs, co-founder and director of visual arts education charity AccessArt, has extensive experience conducting sculpture workshops with children of all ages. The projects featured in Make Build Create draw on her expertise in broadening children's artistic horizons and helping them to build confidence in their new skills.