Kristan Horton


Kristan Horton


28 × 23 cm | 9 × 11 in
160 ills | 184 pages

Authors: Dan Adler, Jonathan Shaughnessy
Editor: Ryan Doherty

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This publication is the first comprehensive survey of the artist’s practice to date, and includes the major works Doctor Strangelove, Oracle, Sligo Heads and Drawing of A History of World War One.

A predominantly visual monograph, the book traces Horton’s multimedia practice, encompassing improvised sculpture, animation and set design—exploring, in art critic Matthew Higgs’ words, “the fundamental pleasures of making and unmaking”. Horton’s concern with issues of consumer culture—particularly in the field of film—has informed his experimentation with commonplace and everyday objects, and the limits of technology in relation to representation. He explores the conflicted relationship between high and low cultures, issues of translation, imitation and transformation, and his self-referential work reflects and draws on a dark personal sense of humour.

The publication is supported by Jessica Bradley Gallery, Toronto; MacLaren Art Centre; and The Southern Alberta Art Gallery. Authors and contributors include Dan Adler, Ben Portis, Jonathan Shaughnessy and Ryan Doherty.