What Now?: On Future Identities

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What Now?: On Future Identities


25 × 19 cm | 7.5 × 10 in
40 ills | 96 pages

Editors: Anne Barlow, Kristen Chappa


What Now?: On Future Identities examines the notion of 'future identities' through discussions around the construction of the self, queer theory, self-determination, mutability, the body, technology and social media, as well as the ever-evolving relationship between the digital and the material.

Bringing together contributions from artists, curators, educators, cultural theorists and psychologists, alongside artists' interventions, What Now?: On Future Identities is the second in a series of publications that coincide with a symposium of the same name, held by Art in General in New York. The book considers how contemporary political movements differ from the kinds of activism that arose around identity politics during the 1960s and through to the 1990s, and how new thinking might shape ideas around 'performing citizenship' or creating a new sense of commons in the future.

What Now?: On Future Identities follows the first book in Black Dog Publishing's series with Art in General, What Now?: The Politics of Listening. The series is ongoing.

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