Beverly Pepper: Selected Works 1968–2015


Beverly Pepper: Selected Works 1968–2015


23 × 18 cm | 7 × 9 in
30 ills | 48 pages

Author: Cat Kron

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Inspired by the history of art and the ruins of antiquity—amphitheatres, obelisks, caryatids and temple columns—world-renowned sculptor Beverly Pepper has cultivated a brilliant and prolific career spanning four decades.

Her first major solo exhibition in Los Angeles, held at Kayne Griffin Corcoran in 2017, featured series from Pepper’s signature oeuvre including the sculptures Drusilla Senior, 2014, and Dallas Pyramid, 1971. Beverly Pepper: Selected Works 1968–2015 celebrates this important exhibition.

Born in Brooklyn in 1922, Pepper has spent most of her adult life working in central Italy. Best known for her monumental public works, alongside site-specific and land art installations throughout the world, she has also mastered more intimate forms in cast iron, cor-ten steel, bronze, stainless steel and stone, treating each material with unique delicacy.


The publication features an essay by New York-based writer Cat Kron. 


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