The Domestic Plane: Tabletop Objects from Art and Craft

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The Domestic Plane: Tabletop Objects from Art and Craft


28 × 23 cm | 9 × 11 in
170 ills | 256 pages

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The Domestic Plane: Tabletop Objects from Art and Craft is a meta-group exhibition in five chapters—organised by five curators, including more than 70 artists—that features tabletop objects across the fields of art and craft from the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

Exploring the nature of small objects and our relationship to them, The Domestic Plane: Tabletop Objects from Art and Craft examines their devotional status throughout the course of visual history, their inherent place of value and their specific performativity and relational behaviour within a particular presentation and/or setting. The experience could be likened to theatre, as viewers encounter objects that interact with each other, their audience and their setting, forging relationships to be examined and meanings to be discovered in their adventurous methods of display.

The five distinct chapter exhibitions are manifested within interiors specially designed by the curators: Amy Smith-Stewart and David Adamo (Objects Like Us and Jessi Reaves: Kitchen Arrangement), Richard Klein (The Edge), Dakin Hart (ALMOST EVERYTHING ON THE TABLE) and Elizabeth Essner (Handheld).

Participating artists include Alma Allen, Janine Antoni, Robert Arneson, Mary Bauermeister, Paul Bowen, Eugene Von Bruenchenhein, Kathy Butterly, James Lee Byars, Anthony Caro, Tetsumi Kudo, Lynn Hershman Leeson, Pam Lins, Jonathan Muecke, Ron Nagle, Tucker Nichols, Mai-Thu Perret, Jessi Reaves, Diane Simpson, Arlene Shechet, Alina Szapocznikow, Francis Upritchard, Nari Ward and Shinya Yamamura, among many others.


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