Life Light Language: The Poetics of Eduardo Kac

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Life Light Language: The Poetics of Eduardo Kac


28 × 23 cm | 9 × 11 in
100 ills | 192 pages

Editors: Andrew Prescott, Bronac Ferran


Life Light Language: The Poetics of Eduardo Kac captures a fascinating dialogue between the renowned pioneer of media poetry, telepresence and bio art Eduardo Kac, the writer and curator Bronac Ferran and the historian and manuscript scholar Andrew Prescott.

The book reveals the various ways in which poetry and textuality have pervaded Kac's practice over four decades in a wide range of different media and technologies—from LED displays to the Minitel, from telerobotics to nanotech, from olfactory systems to DNA. It probes the context within which the artist has generated numerous poetic perspectives in digital, holographic and online works as well as works in bio art (which he named) and in outer space, with French astronaut Thomas Pesquet.

Kac's works are consistently challenging, asking questions about the shape, structure and power of text and stimulating a simultaneous rethinking of the kinaesthetic engagement of readers. An introductory essay by Prescott, an internationally acknowledged authority in digital humanities, describes how exploring Kac’s work created for him new digital, scientific and aesthetic horizons.

Eduardo Kac is one of the most renowned artists to have engaged with scientific and technological applications as part of his practice. His work is held in numerous international collections including the Victoria and Albert Museum, UK; the Center for Art and Media (ZKM), Germany; the Thoma Art Foundation, USA; and the MIT Museum, USA.


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