Follow up on 11 exhibitions by Jens Haaning


Follow up on 11 exhibitions by Jens Haaning


29.5 × 21 cm | 8 × 11.5 in
119 ills | 200 pages

Contributors: Jens Haaning, Kit Leunbach, Sidsel Kjaerulff Rasmussen

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Follow up on 11 exhibitions by Jens Haaning explores and contextualises Jens Haaning’s work and the complexity of his conceptual practice, which aims to make issues of migration, multicultural coexistence, identity and globalisation more visible.

Follow up on 11 exhibitions includes press releases, grant applications, contracts, budgets, price lists and work concepts relating to selected exhibitions and art works with a view to broadening our shared understanding of the primacy of the concept in art, representing a materialisation of the concept Jen Haaning's work consists of. Interrogating the boundaries of conceptual art, he asks if this material forms an equally important part of and counterpoint to the work itself.

Haaning’s uncompromising social critique is without moralisation or the presentation of solutions, but with an approach that acknowledges the complexity of processes of cultural adaptation. In his works, interaction with the surrounding society and the audience plays a key role, and the reaction of the audience is often an integral component of Haaning’s projects.