Degas' Methode


Degas' Methode


32 × 24 cm | 10 × 13 in
159 ills | 314 pages

Author: Line Clausen Pedersen
Contributors: Peter Parshall, Daphne Barbour, Shelley Sturman, Elizabeth Steele, Flemming Friborg et al

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Bringing fresh eyes to Degas' work, using cutting-edge technology and scientific analysis to re-examine, reinterpret and reveal the hidden secrets of the artist's methods, this lavishly illustrated retrospective provides an essential insight into the oeuvre of a titan of both Impressionist and realist art.

Famous for his ballet dancers, Degas needs no introduction—but taken in its entirety, his work contains more than colourful tulle-clad female figures. Degas’ approach to art is highly individual, ambitious and consistent throughout his career.

Through his practice and involvement in the Impressionist movement, Degas altered both the political and aesthetic premises for painting. His unique methodology guaranteed him a place in the line of great masters, consciously working and thinking in ways that made him the heir to—and successor to the throne of—the kind of truly great art that endures beyond its own era. He was a master of both tradition and progress, and this is why his work occupies such an important position in the narrative of painting in our own time.

Rather than a desire to bring to light a 'complete' account of the artist’s oeuvre, Degas’ Method is an extensive retrospective that stages and expands upon the synergy between his works.