Beaconsfield: Chronic Epoch


Beaconsfield: Chronic Epoch


21 × 15 cm | 8 × 6 in
75 ills | 192 pages

Editor: Margaret Garlake


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Beaconsfield: Chronic Epoch is the first major book on the more than 20-year history of Beaconsfield, an important artists' association in London founded by two trained painters David Crawforth and Naomi Siderfin. Their story of curatorial innovation and experimentation over the years will inspire any burgeoning artist or curator.

From the first organisational forays of the creative partnership of David Crawforth and Naomi Siderfin, culminating in the Nosepaint events of the early 1990s, this book then follows their journey onwards to the formal opening of Beaconsfield in September 1995 to the present, profiling how each project and initiative was approached with the same ethic and ethos throughout a collective Chronic Epoch. The significance of the book's story is as much an important record as it is an inspiration to any burgeoning artist or curator.

To look at the self-created etymology behind the name says as much. Beaconsfield: to offer a space for artists and audiences to experience high-quality (hence 'beacon'), challenging, new artworks in a wide range (hence 'field') of contemporary visual art media through commissions, group exhibitions, performances, publications and events. Published in partnership with the organisation, with generous image sections and contributions from those involved in Beaconsfield's programme over the years, such as Bob and Roberta Smith, Gustav Metzger, Paul Hobson and Julian Stallabrass, Chronic Epoch relays the story of a space constructed with a desire to "fill a niche between the institution, the commercial and the 'alternative'". The book shows how Beaconsfield has sustained its own ethical and artistic standards throughout and fostered a fresh take on contemporary art in the process.