I Am I Between Worlds and Between Shadows


I Am I Between Worlds and Between Shadows


26 × 21 cm | 8 × 10 in
80 ills | 94 pages

Author: Kalliopi Lemos

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During the last decade, the work of Greek-born artist Kalliopi Lemos has exposed the wounding of human dignity. In her exhibition I Am I Between Worlds and Between ShadowsLemos focuses on women’s experiences and the frequent abuse of their self-respect.

The exhibition consists of an installation that features seven evocative sculptures that refer to the brutal violations directly or indirectly affecting all women and short videos that contain fragmented images from the female unconscious, enhancing the metaphorical origin of the works.

Kalliopi Lemos’ exhibition transcends the deadening global saturation of images, and demonstrates the lasting power of the imagination to create resonant, visceral images that speak directly to the heart of the viewer, and to the core of social malaise. She delves into a world of alchemy, myth and dream to conjure up figures that force us to engage with and re-evaluate our understanding of the world, of how it is represented to us and of women’s place within it.