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Where is Production?

Where is Production?
Inquiries into Contemporary Sculpture

£14.95 | $19.95
24 x 18 cm | 9 x 7 in
67 ills | 96 pages
ISBN 9781908966254

Editors Mary Ceruti, Ruba Katrib

Where is Production? is the first book in a three-part series exploring contemporary sculpture, in conjunction with SculptureCenter, New York. The question posed, being both a testament to the current complexity of the field as well as the institution’s dedication to experimentation and innovation in developing the medium.

Each volume in the Inquiries into Contemporary Sculpture series chooses a different line of enquiry, exploring the way artists think about three-dimensional work, how objects exist as art in the world, and how artists and institutions produce meaning through objects, exhibitions and discourse.

The first book questions the meaning of the word “production” itself, what it encompasses, and how it infoms and leads sculptural practice today, featuring insightful essays by artists, curators and historians including SculptureCenter Executive Director, Mary Ceruti, and Currator, Ruba Katrib, alongside curator and writer Pavel S. Py, artists Carol Bove and Darren Bader, Postdoctoral Fellow and co-editor, Miki Kaneda, and Michelle Kuo, Editor-in-Chief of Artforum magazine.

Resisting fixed definitions, sculpture is discussed in terms of loosely defined activities such as “sculptural thinking”,“object- based practice”, and “three-dimensional enquiry”, whereby a performance, reading, piece of music, or a painting can be considered “sculpture”.