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The Colour of Time

The Colour of Time
Garry Fabian Miller

£29.95 | $49.95
25 x 25 cm | 10 x 10 in
150 ills | 192 pages
ISBN 9781907317064

Authors Adam Nicolson, Marina Warner, Nigel Warburton

The Colour of Time is a retrospective overview of the work of Garry Fabian Miller, one of contemporary photography’s most respected and progressive fine art practitioners.

For over 30 years, Fabian Miller has challenged perceptions of contemporary photography within fine art and is one of very few photographers to investigate the possibilities of camera-less photography, using light itself as a raw material.

Fabian Miller has reinvented himself as an artist specialising in darkroom-produced photographic images exploring the elements of light, time, and colour. Fabian Miller exposes light directly onto photographic paper through substances such as plants, lead, engine oil, cut-paper shapes, glass and water. The Colour of Time includes invaluable contributions from academics in the field and a chronological exploration of Fabian Miller’s works including the abstract Year 1 and Year 2 series.

The Colour of Time is a beautifully reproduced assessment and welcome addition to the published work of the artist’s progressive and affecting recent output. Garry Fabian Miller is one of five artists whosework will feature in the forthcoming exhibition Shadow Catchers: Camera-Less Photography at the V&A London in Autumn 2010.