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Fiamma Montezemolo, René Peralta and Heriberto Yepez

192 pages
394 b/w and colour ills
25.0 x 21.0 cm
10.0 x 8.0 in
ISBN10: 1 904772 45 5
ISBN13: 978 1 904772 45 3
Praise for Here is Tijuana!

Fascinating reading.

It’s urgency is vivid, documenting a daily reality that is of direct concern to the book’s authors.
The Architect’s Newspaper

Here is Tijuana!

Here is Tijuana! looks at the history of Tijuana, and to its future; to its dark side, and to the possibilities it offers through fascinating photographic records and a range of texts that vividly bring the city to life.

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Tijuana, Mexico is a border town in all respects. It hovers between Mexico and the United States, not just physically, but psychologically. On the one hand it maintains its reputation as a sleazy city, a centre of booze, sex and crime. On the other it aspires to, and is slowly achieving, the sophistication and affluence of California—just a few miles and yet another world away…

Here is Tijuana! is a photographic essay that captures the spirit of the city and this dichotomy. The landscape of Tijuana, the streets, alleyways, storefronts, dwellings, bars and cafes are documented in
compelling detail. Downtown Tijuana alone is visited by 116,000 people every day and the city’s inhabitants, both permanent and temporary are also present in the book. Here is Tijuana! shows them both at work and play.

Divided into three sections, the book deals with the socio-cultural issues that surround Tijuana, the urban development of the city as well as questions of morality and cultural practice raised by the collision between Latin and North American values. A collaboration between three editors: an anthropologist, a writer and an architect, Here is Tijuana! is essential reading for anyone interested in either the history or the future of Mexico and Southern California.