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More interesting Than Your Teacher

More Interesting Than Your Teacher

£9.99 | $14.95
17.5 x 12.5cm | 7 x 5 in
180 ills | 192 pages
ISBN 9781907317507

Author Stuart Wright

More Interesting Than Your Teacher is an innovative take on familiarising yourself with fascinating subjects that were hard to follow at school, including science, geography, languages, social history, wildlife and naming.

Why is it colder up at higher altitudes even though you are closer to the sun? How many is a Quintillion? And did you know that only five per cent of the world’s surface is habitable? That Jackson

Pollock’s painting No. 5 is one of the most expensive paintings ever sold? What is the Drake equation? What exactly is a calorie? Is ‘red’ mercury a myth? And who exactly decides when Easter is every year? More Interesting Than Your Teacher covers these and many, many more nuggets of interesting trivia, be they amusing, profound, surprising or just plain fascinating.

The author Stuart Wright believes that the school curriculum takes a mistaken approach to education by focusing on arbitrary details, confusing children in the process and removing the essential factor of enjoyment in learning. This book sets to correct this and tackle tricky or impenetrable subjects in an accessible, bite-sized way that will help children, teenagers and adults get their heads around the information at hand, without being weighed down with the humourless minutiae of information which often comes with school. With the facts presented in short, easy to understand language and accompanied by fun and informative illustrations, More Interesting Than Your Teacher can help children and adults of all ages learn and appreciate vital information without having to undertake hours of study.