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Landon Mackenzie: Parallel Journey

Landon Mackenzie: Parallel Journey
Works on Paper

£24.95 | $39.95
28 x 23 cm | 11 x 9 in
211 ills | 192 pages
ISBN 9781910433607

Contributors Liz Wylie, Robin Laurence, Peter Dkyhuis, David Liss

Landon Mackenzie: Parallel Journey: Works on Paper is envisaged as visually rich and elegantly designed book. 

Landon Mackenzie is a Vancouver-based artist, admired for her large-scale works with paint on canvas. Less well-known are her works on paper, many in ink and watercolour, which she produces in large volumes as a tandem practice to her larger paintings, often while travelling. Somewhere between jottings and finished works intended for public exhibition, these small paintings speak to the deepest level of human creativity. They function as glimpses into Landon Mackenzie's psyche at different moments in time.

Landon Mackenzie: Parallel Journey: Works on Paper is a visually rich and elegantly designed book featuring contributions from director of the Dalhousie Art Gallery, Peter Dykhuis; writer and critic, Robin Laurence; writer and artistic director of the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art, David Liss; and curator of the Kelowna Art Gallery, Liz Wylie.