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Into The Culture Cave

Into the Culture Cave
Generator of Art and Community, Emotions and Ideas 

£29.95 | $39.95
28 x 23 cm | 9 x 11 in
220 ills | 256 pages
ISBN 9781911164296

Editor Jörn Weisbrodt

The Hearn Generating Station is enormous; three times the size of Tate Modern, it could fit the Statue of Liberty in it standing upright.

Since 1983, the space has been decommissioned, and, save serving briefly as a location for movie shoots for Robocop and Pacific Rim, has been closed to the public.

It took Luminato Festival to realise the radical potential of the space. In June 2016, the Festival took the Hearn Generating Station over for 17 days and transformed it into the largest temporary cultural and community centre in the world. In one space reminiscent of an expansive cave, the earliest form of human shelter, large-scale exhibitions, parkour workout sessions, drag queen shows and many more event-based installations unfolded.

Into the Culture Cave does not simply document the Luminato Festival’s use of the Hearn Generating Station space. Rather, it outlines how this can be utilised as a model for other multidisciplinary cultural institutions of the twenty-first century. Similar institutions such as the Barbican still delineate architecture in space rather than time. Into the Culture Cave demonstrates how this rule can be inverted and how, without relying on temporary infrastructure, one space can enable a broad scope of human activity.

This title is edited by Jörn Weisbrodt (former Artistic Director of the Luminato Festival) and includes contributions from Rufus Wainwright (composer, singer-songwriter), Mat Shulz (founder and Artistic Director of Unsound Festival, Krakow) and Atom Egoyan (the filmmaker behind Steenbeckett, p 34).