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Drawing Projects

Drawing Projects
An Exploration of the Language of Drawing

£19.95 | $29.95
26 x 21 cm | 10 x 8.5 in
340 ills | 240 pages
ISBN 9781907317255

Authors Mick Maslen, Jack Southern 

Drawing Projects: An Exploration of the Language of Drawing is both a practical guide to drawing and an informative insight into the minds of artists who work with the medium.

This comprehensive study of the art of drawing provides both a commentary on leading contemporary practitioners and a ‘how to explore drawing’ style approach to the art form, celebrating drawing as the process of seeing made visible.

From studying our relationship with drawing right from our earliest encounters with it as children, before a distinction between writing and drawing is made, the book explores the freedom of expression
that the pencil allows us. Drawing is revealed as a mirror to the process of looking, thereby becoming a visual reflection of the person that created the image.

Drawing Projects profiles ten key artists and illustrators— revealing their working environments and practices—including Dryden Goodwin, Cornelia Parker, Claude Heath, William Kentridge and Keith Tyson. Each artist comments on the value of drawing in their own work, opening up discussions on how we view life, art and the story that is told when the two are combined.

Drawing Projects includes 15 projects for the reader to join in and work through at their own pace, including detailed tutorials and instructions on how to draw these images. They also go beyond that to advise on the mental skills required to become a proficient drawer by seeing beyond subjects as recognisable objects, and instead appreciate the abstract form of the world around us. With practical tips and projects, Drawing Projects will inspire new artists and enthusiasts alike.