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Upcoming titles

What Now?
On Future Identities

Form, Model, Syntax, Display
Terence Gower Sculpture Works

Guatemala from 33,000 Km
Contemporary Art from 1960-Present

After the Educational Turn
Critical Art Pedagogies and Decolonialism

Into The Culture Cave
Generator of Art and Community, Emotions and Ideas

Susan Point
Spindle Whorl

The Four Continents  

The Four Continents

Brenda Francis Pelkey

The Artist's Studio
Joseph Hartman

Atom Egoyan

Rocky Grassy Mountain in June Drawings/Tony Anguhalluq

Public Enquiries
PARK LEK and the Scandinavian Social Turn

Sam Durant
The Meeting House

Teaching Painting
How Can Painting Be Taught in Art Schools?

Barbara Nicholls

The Wood That Doesn't Look Like An Elephant

Jasmin Cibic

Rebel, Jester, Mystic, Poet
Contemporary Persians

Roula Partheniou

See Yourself X